CNG Storage Cascades

CNG Storage Cascades

CNG cascade is an arrangement of cylinders which acts like a buffer vessel in which natural gas is stored at high pressure and then is used for dispensing. Cascade can be stationary or mobile. Cascade is divided in three banks based on pressure viz: High bank, Medium bank, & Low bank. CNG ground cascade consists of a series of natural gas cylinders, steel frame, valves, pressure gauge, pipelines and high-pressure fittings. Priority sequence control panel can also be installed according to customers' requirements. CNG cascade is used for ground storage of compressed natural gas.

Large capacity seamless steel gas cylinders are mainly used to transport CNG (compressed natural gas). The cylinders which can storage natural gas under pressure 20Mpa or 25Mpa are made of 4142 seamless steel tube gas cylinders according to the authority of the US standards and relevant international standards. Our standards make the strict in design, manufacture, inspection and acceptance for these type cylinders.

The CNG storage cascade could be designed and manufactured with different code including ASME, DOT, ISO, AD2000, GB. We could always fulfill proposal with different geometric volume, working pressure, quantity of cylinder, overall dimension, brand of valves & fittings based on customer’s condition and requirement.

We have a standard cylinders production line and we also offer customization to match your specific capacity and space requirements. Our unique liquid spray quenching heat treatment to ensure that the seamless cylinders have low-temperature impact toughness.
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