CNG Type 1

CNG Tank Type 1
CNG Tank Type 1 is a type of gas cylinder used for storing compressed natural gas (CNG). It is a common type of CNG storage system and is widely used in vehicles such as cars, buses and trucks as a clean energy storage device to replace traditional fuel.

Construction and Material:
CNG Tank Type 1 is made of steel housing and has a simple structural design. It consists of a single large-capacity pressure vessel, usually cylindrical in shape. The interior is lined with a polymer or metal material to improve gas tightness and protect the shell from corrosion.

Features and Benefits:
High Pressure Storage、Durability、Easy to manufacture and maintain、Safety、High Strength、Explosion-proof design、Heat treatment and coating.

CNG steel cylinders are one of our main products, which through ISO11439:2013 certified.We can provide 50-150L cylinder,We also offer customization of cylinders to match your specific capacity and space requirements.
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